Obsessed with solving problems, Andrew works to find the best solutions technology offers. With 20-plus years of experience, he brings a deep knowledge base to draw from while always keeping current with new products and opportunities to ensure the best experiences for employees and customers.

Q&A Panel Google NEXT, April 2019

Current Role:

Today, more than ever, leaders must be comfortable guiding a team remotely. Andrew has been doing exactly that for more than 5 years by traveling to and living near each office across the US. In this way, he knows each location’s community and specific needs, from the office space to the production floor. Deep knowledge of the entire company, not just headquarters, informs his creation of a compelling vision for network and security services while rallying his team to drive value to internal and external customers.

Skills and Capabilities

Process and synthesize information, quickly build domain knowledge, draw logical conclusions, and frame decisions

Strategically select data collection mechanisms to then interpret for insights to drive iteration.

Partner with Engineering, Operations, Contact Center, and other business areas through influence vs. direct authority to achieve cross-functional wins for the company 

Strong interest in understanding, interpreting, and meeting user and customer needs.

Skillfully uses asynchronous communication to rally the team and stakeholders around a vision.

Clear and concise verbal and written communication to support understanding of broad and complex concepts

Active listening skills and ability to have candid, productive, respectful dialogue at all levels

Research and negotiate with outside vendors on products, services, and pricing

Awareness of market, competitive, and industry context and how it should influence our strategy


Provide reliable services, network, phone, and security

Effectively balance business, customer, and employee needs

Execute a balance between short-term wins and long-term strategic goals

Develop and execute a network and security vision with strategies and roadmap to achieve business strategic goals

Ensure that the day-to-day execution stays in alignment with our overall goals by directing, coaching, delegating, and supporting teams and individuals

The primary communicator of product vision, direction, status & results outside the team

Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships across the organization 

Engage and inspire stakeholders and collaborators to achieve these goals

Lead positive cross-functional change needed to deliver results for the business

Attract, retain and grow careers through development, people management, and skill development

Planning of the annual budget with consideration of the overall business needs

Fiscal responsibility of contracts and budget

  1. Manage expense reports
  2. Negotiate and hold vendors accountable to contracts.