Thanks for coming to my site. I’ve held a number of different roles and positions in many different companies in the “tech industry.” I was my own small business helping other small businesses including accountants and health clinics find the tools they needed for success. I worked for a major data center and know first hand what is required to keep data secure. Currently, I work for a retail e-commerce company and have learned a number of insights from each department. Understanding the culture of the company as a whole is one thing, but really getting to know the people in Art, on the Production Floor and in the Call Center is vital for me to meet their needs. I travel to each physical office and production location within the United States because I know that relationships matter to build trust so that we can be honest and find the best products and systems to keep data safe and workflows manageable. I’ll be sharing different situations, products and systems I experience because I use others blogs as a resource providing insights that may cause me to reflect or get me to look in a new direction. Hopefully my voice will be one of many that you find interesting! Please leave a comment or question. I’d enjoy hearing from you!

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